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Premium Gourmet Bread at Value Prices

We bake delicious bread with simple ingredients and long fermentation times. We don't cut corners or use additives. We use the best baking equipment and technology in creative ways to automate traditional baking techniques, resulting in bread that is consistent and cost effective. Our bread is baked in a custom, volcanic stone oven that gives it a thin, caramelized crust. Perfect artisan style bread at great value prices.

Packaging that adds value

Our packaging is not only attractive, it reduces labor in stores and enhances the consumer's experience. Our bread is fully baked, then sealed in microperforated bags, ensuring the texture and taste are maintained when the bags of bread go directly from the freezer to the shelf. The sealed bags also guarantee that our bread remains peanut-free and nut-free.

Bake in the Bag

Take our bread home and pop it in the oven to warm it up... in the bag! O'Forno and Signature Passion's unique "bake in the bag" packaging provides a whole new level of convenience for serving warm bread. No need to pull out a baking tray or tongs, and no clean up!


Resealable zipper style

The Mad Bakers bags are conveniently resealable with a zipper, keeping the bread fresher for longer after the consumer opens it at home. The bags are also reusable and recyclable.

Fresh Ideas

We pride ourselves on creating new and exciting recipes. We stay on top of trends and create seasonal sensations to build excitement in store bakeries. We often work with our grocery store clients to develop recipes that support their bakery programs and goals. We also adapt successful European products to North American taste. For example we bake a delectable apple brioche that is popular for the Fall season, and a cheese brioche that is sure to satisfy.

"We believe in solving problems for our grocery store clients," says Marc-Andre Pouliot, President. "We help drive traffic, improve shelf life issues, and give fresh ideas."
A better factory


SQF institute logo  Certified by the SQF Institute
 Certified Kasher Pareve
Certified Kosher Pareve and Pas Yisroel (bread line) 
Kosher Dairy (Pastry Line)
Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) certified
FDA registered


Our packaging has won several awards at the Summit Creative Award competition in the Packaging Series category:

The 2017 Bronze Award for O’Forno’s bread packaging design.

The 2016 Silver Award for Signature Passion’s bread packaging design.

The 2015 Gold Award for Signature Passion’s bread packaging design.

The Signature Passion and O’Forno brands’ oven-ready bags allow consumers to pop the bread in the oven without removing the packaging. This contemporary packaging simplifies preparation, reduces operations cost, facilitates certifying kosher and peanut-free products, and eliminates the risk of product shrinkage, resulting in a significant increase in sales through mass merchandising.

Better equipment

A Culture of Innovation and Creativity

The Mad Bakers fosters a culture of innovation, encouraging all forms of creativity from new recipes, to baking equipment, to packaging and merchandizing. We pride ourselves on leading market trends in bakery and creating exciting products that will drive traffic. We continually find ways to use technology to make our bakery more efficient and our baked goods more delicious. Our success and growth are due in great part to our determination to stay nimble and create solutions for our grocery store clients' individual needs.