Go gourmet, with Frozen Grocery

Elevate your frozen grocery offering with artisan breads, desserts and breakfast.

Frozen Artisan Breads and Breakfast

Our frozen artisan breads and breakfast items are offered in stand up pouches for easy freezer merchandizing, or boxes for larger volume packs. They are 100% baked then frozen, so they warm in the oven conveniently quickly! Private label is available in all products, from cheesy garlic bread to liege style waffles. 

Our delicious gourmet bread is made with wholesome, high quality, non-gmo ingredients. The Mad Bakers have industrialized the artisanal baking process so that our gourmet breads have a consistently moist crumb with a beautiful honeycomb structure, and a carmelized crust. Our bread is non-GMO certified, kosher certified, and peanut-free.

Cheesy Garlic BreadFrozen artisan garlic breadFrozen artisan Tuscan loafFrozen artisan Liege-Style Waffle Maple Syrup FlavorFrozen artisan sandwich rollsFrozen artisan half baguettesFrozen artisan dinner rollsFrozen artisan sweet rollsFrozen artisan ciabatta loaf pouchSoft Pretzel Bites

Frozen Artisan Desserts

Our beautifully hand decorated cream puffs and eclairs are filled with 35% whipped cream in various flavours or custard. As beautiful as they are delicious, these delectable treats come in stand up pouches, clamshells, and boxes to suit your merchandizing needs. Private label is available with various combinations and quantities. 

Mini eclair and cream puffs combo boxFrozen dessert artisan mini cream puffs three flavours in a boxFrozen chocolate topped bavarian cream eclairsFrozen artisan mini eclairs with chocolate toppingfrozen artisan vanilla mini cream puffs in a boxChocolate covered eclairs in clamshellChocolate covered mini cream puffs in three flavors in clamshellmini chocolate covered eclairs in clamshell

"Our frozen grocery clients appreciate the ability to consolidate to a single supplier for a variety of product types. By doing so, they streamline their buying process and get access to improved distribution and costs," says Marc-Andre Pouliot, President. "We are focused on providing high quality artisan foods that make good business sense for our clients."

 We invite you to email us at serviceclientele@tmbbakery.com to discuss your private label frozen grocery needs.