Delicious In-Store Bakery Solutions

We understand the challenges of in-store bakeries, and we can work with you to create solutions that will spark sales, drive traffic, and reduce shrink and costs. We have helped clients achieve a variety of goals, including:
  • Increase bakery traffic
  • Reduce shrink and costs
  • Reduce preparation time required by bakery staff
  • Become a destination for artisan breads at all consumer levels

Artisan Breads

Our breads are delivered 100% baked and frozen, so they are easy to prepare! They can be warmed in your store oven to create a wonderful aroma and crisp crust, or put straight on the shelf. Our breads look beautiful and have excellent taste and texture. We offer private label packaging options to suit your store's needs.

Our delicous gourmet bread is made with wholesome, non-gmo ingredients and high quality flour. The Mad Bakers have industrialized the artisanal baking process so that our breads have a consistently moist crumb with a beautiful honeycomb structure, and a carmelized crust. Our bread is non-GMO certified, kosher (OU and Pas Yisroel) certified, and peanut-free.

Artisan ciabatta demi baguettesFrench baguetteArtisan baguette cut openGourmet demi-baguette cut openArtisan demi-baguette cut opengourmet bread 4 inch square sandwhich rollsArtisan Tuscan LoafArtisan Tuscan loaf cut openArtisan bread Red Pepper and Onion Fougassegourmet bread red pepper and onion fougasse cut opengourmet cheesy garlic bread on baguettegourmet garlic bread

gourmet-dinner-rollsgourmet cheese bread loaf

Artisan Desserts

The Mad Bakers specializes in pate a choux pastry, including artisan cream puffs, eclairs, miniature versions, and paris brest. Your store can put your special touch by filling or decorating cream puffs, eclairs, or profiterols, or save labour time by ordering them already beautifully decorated. We offer several filling flavours in 35% whipped cream flavours or custard, as well as options for the chocolate topping. 

mini cream puffs with chocolate topping in chocolate, coffee and vanilla flavorsMini cream puffs with 35% whipped cream fillingmini cream puff with icing sugarMini chocolate eclairMini eclair pate a choux shellschocolate eclairs with custard fillingeclairs filled with whipped creameclairs with custard fillingjumbo cream puff filled with 35% whipped cream and dusted with icing sugarparis brest filled with 35% whipped cream and dusted with icing sugarchocolate cream puffs filled with chocolate creamred velvet cream puffs

"We believe in solving problems for our grocery store clients," says Marc-Andre Pouliot, President. "We help drive traffic with gourmet products, reduce labor and give fresh ideas."

We invite you to email us at to discuss how we can help your bakery shine.